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By Francine Ward

During this age of immediate gratification, severe makeovers, and fleeting good fortune, Francine Ward deals a decidedly unconventional method of gaining vainness. incomes it. How? With dedication, honesty, and such a lot of all, day-by-day perform. Fifty-Two Weeks of Esteemable Acts is a software of motion designed by way of a lady who remodeled her personal lifetime of habit, crime, and disorder into one in all impressive integrity, carrier, and fulfillment. How? in the course of the practices of esteemable acts.

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After watching them intently for about twenty minutes, I realized they got their beaks into the hole every time because they were focused. They are clear about their goal: to get food. They know how to make that happen: get their beaks into the holes of the hummingbird feeder. They know what it takes: being focused—and they are—every time. Focus is the key to making something happen. It’s about being attentive to the goal, about keeping the end in mind. I learned from a wise person, many years ago, that where I place my attention is what I manifest.

Today my mom is one of my closest friends. It took work—a lot of work—and many baby steps. Who is on your list? DAY 3 Today is your day of prayer. Do some prayer work around creating an intention to forgive. The key to forgiving is being willing to forgive—not just giving it lip service—but really being willing to forgive from your heart up to your head. An intention is nothing more than a genuine willingness to make something happen. Yet willingness without action is fantasy. Getting to the place of genuinely forgiving Paul was a challenge for me because I felt so wronged by him.

Eventually I went back and made amends for how I spoke to the florist. Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable acts. This first week of 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts creates the groundwork for what lies ahead: actions—esteemable actions—designed to help you feel better about yourself. To get the most from this experience, I invite you to do the work. While at times the suggested assignments may appear difficult, they are not impossible to complete. If you need to break them down into even smaller pieces, do so.

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