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You could then use relays. and you would not need 5-SCR shut off relays. But you would have a much lower watt inverter. We are still working out some small bugs. If any of you out there have any good ideas please write me. The Wheel/disk turns as does the strong permanent magnet, The reed switches do not. Turn wheel using a low power DC high eff. Or Free Energy motor connected to a speed control. SCR CHARGER ON SCR OFF Reed door alarm switches or such. 1 8 Strong Magnet connected to moving disk.

Contact rocker arms + _ _ + WOOD SCREWS Metal Angle iron or aluminum TOP VIEW WOOD AC Output AC Output front view of relay Page 30 #579 THE HOMEMADE RELAY INVERTER #3 Method By now you may have figured out how to build the #3 inverter method, This is by far the most simplest and easiest way to build an inverter, BUT IS ALSO THE MOST DANGEROUS WAY! again be very careful high voltage can kill! By using the 120 VDC battery bank on page 2 , and using the homemade DPDT relay on page 14, You will be able to build the most powerful inverter of all, If you use your brain you will soon learn you can get much more than 5,000 watts from this method of invention.

And then use a small low amp 2pdt relay to switch them on and off. This way the SCRs or the power Transistors take all the amperage punch! and you wont have to worry about your contacts burning out. Front View of 2pdt relay + Figure 1 THIS IS WHAT A RELAY LOOKS LIKE CONTACTS + SPRING 12 VDC pulse inputs 12 VDC coil 75 ma electromagnet SIDE VIEW OF 4 PDT RELAY Page 29 #579 THE CAPACITOR INVERTER The DPDT relay is being used to alternate the DC current. When contacts are in the up position +& - position current runs through the 120 vac out put wire, and when the relay is turned on by 12 vdc 15 ma, the polarity reverses in the wire to - & + , this all happens very fast and creates ALTERNATING CURRENT TO THE OUTPUT!

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