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By Diane Bolger

An authoritative consultant on gender prehistory for researchers, teachers and scholars in anthropology, archaeology, and gender studies
•Provides the main up to date, accomplished assurance of gender archaeology, with an particular specialise in prehistory
•Offers serious overviews of advancements within the archaeology of gender during the last 30 years, in addition to tests of present developments and clients for destiny research
•Focuses on contemporary 3rd Wave methods to the examine of gender in early human societies, not easy heterosexist biases, and investigating the interfaces among gender and standing, age, cognition, social reminiscence, performativity, the physique, and sexuality
•Features quite a few local and thematic issues authored through validated experts within the box, with incisive assurance of gender study in prehistoric and protohistoric cultures of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific

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And, should you find any tablet or ritual instruction that I have not written to you about that is good for the Palace, take that as well and send it to me. The king regarded Babylonian handwriting with disfavour, and so a roomful of trained calligraphers at the capital worked around the clock to produce perfect Assyrian copies of the incoming acquisitions for him. In time the Nineveh libraries grew to contain the richest tablet resources ever put together under one Mesopotamian roof, anticipating, in some measure, the ideas behind the library at Alexandria.

This model stood me in good stead when I got to the British Museum, for that is what has to be done. And what is it all? I think it is beneficial to see our roomfuls of cuneiform documents at large as falling into five loose categories: official (state, king, government, law), private (contracts, inheritance, sales, letters), literary (myths, epics, stories, hymns, prayers), reference (sign lists, dictionaries and mathematical tables) and intellectual (magic, medicine, omens, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, grammar and exegesis).

His capital, Akkad, probably somewhere near the city of Babylon, gave rise to our modern term for his language and culture, Akkadian. Here a succession of powerful kings like Naram-Sin, or Shulgi supported empires and trading of their own in about 2000 BC without ignoring the claims of music, literature and art, and even boasting of their accomplishments as literati, musicians and men of culture. Assyrian armies, undeterred by hardship, hunted new terrain and tribute, with a string of famous kings like Sargon II, or Byron’s Sennacherib – the wolf on the fold – and Great Librarian Ashurbanipal.

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