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No rear. But what, the old voices ask. whal if they'd died. ,hen whal? And I respond: Would feal"ing it have helped? It would have depleted me. We have all we need to meet each moment with whatever i\ contains. The moment we call "death" is no different from the others. Each moment passes to leave space for the higher good. "The highest good will come when you wait and let that highest good come forth in peace. Because when we let go, it leaves a vacuum that the universe has 10 rill. It has to: it is a law.

Even Ihuogh Sharon called me to tell her story, I keep feel- Her voice fades off. I ask how long she's kno\Vll Katie. She tells me four years. We talk about both women having ljved in Barsto........ most of their lives. Sharon says she's lived there her entire life. Despite this, the,)' only md four years earlier. " I'm thinking what a powerhouse Byron is and wondering how she could live in a small town without most everyone at least knowing who she is. " An isolator? 1've never heard anyone identify themselves that way before.

Katie stepped back and smiled. It came to Carol's mind that Katie might not have shared her experiences \With anyone before, Maybe both of them felt shy. "'Oh, yes,'" she stammered_ "Heavens yes. " Carol replied, not revealing her premonition and her suspicion that Katie was the wise woman of her vision, They'd be taking some trips to good hiking trails. They could talk then. They hugged each other and went to their rooms. Carol burst in on Mary. "Did you notice that woman? The one with the radiant eyes?

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