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This can be a pre-1923 ancient copy that was once curated for caliber. caliber insurance used to be carried out on each one of those books in an try and get rid of books with imperfections brought by way of the digitization procedure. although we have now made top efforts - the books could have occasional blunders that don't abate the studying adventure.

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Id. A form of Gravity- Drop Annunciator. gravity-drop annunciator is shown The armature mechanism for the in Fig. 1 6. release of the drop will be understood by an inspection of the drawing. Annunciator, An Hotel ciator connected with the different annunrooms of a hotel. A hotel-annunciator a return bell and is generally provided with guest-call. Annunciator, Annunciator, Needle ciator, the indications of the movements An House ciator connected with the rooms annun- of a house. An annunwhich are given by of a needle instead of the fall of a drop.

23, together with the disposition of the coils and their connection to the segments of the commutator. Armature, Shuttle A variety of drum armature in which a single coil of wire is wound in an H -shaped groove formed in a bobbin shaped core. old form of Siemens-armature. The tro-magnet, or electro-magnets, may cause either attraction or repulsion, according as the adjacent poles are of opposite polarity or are of the same A closed Armature, Single-Loop conducting circuit consisting of a single loop, capable of revolving in a magnetic field so as polarity.

Electric its do not produce but differences of potential rents, coils are placed. not reversed during of the machine. bridge. A and B, are the proportionate term sometimes employed to represent a dynamo-electric machine, voltaic cell or other electric source, by means of which is in a ring, provided with a number spaces between which the armature Fig. 24, resistance, the Arrangement or Deyice, Electromotiye an approximately spherical armature when wrapped. Armature, Toothed-Ring is known resistance placed in the arms.

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