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By William Faulkner

A Fable tells the tale of Corporal Stephen, an allegorical determine whose traitorous activities cease, in short, combating in a small a part of front in France through the First international struggle. informed from quite a few views, A Fable explores the humanity of warfare and the character of power.
Author William Faulkner thought of A Fable to be his masterpiece, and laboured greater than a decade at the manuscript. the radical received either the Pulitzer Prize and the nationwide ebook Award, and is now one in all the main works in Faulkner's canon.
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In any case,from a strictly formalistic point of view, both achievements were virtu­ ally without precedent and have seldom, if ever, been surpassed within the Chinese cultural context. I r o n ic S e t t in g a n d t h e R e c t i f ic a t i o n o f N a m e s The very choice of a setting for the novel may have been intended as an ironic commentary on the action, which derives its force from one of the major principles enunciated by Hsiin-tzu. The episode involving Hsi-men C h, in g and P, an Chin-lien that forms the nucleus of the plot of the Chin P’ing Mei is borrowed from the Shui-hu chuan, ·6ί but in that work it takes place in the district town of Yang-ku, whereas in the Chin P'ing Mei the scene of the action has been shifted to the district town of C h , ing-ho.

The way in which the author of the Chin P'ing Mei exploits this kind of conventional material for his own unconventional ends is unprecedented in the history of Chinese fiction, but is reminiscent of the practice of some contemporary Western writers who have experimented with similar effects. 91 The author does not introduce all his innovative effects at once;in fact, the first twenty chapters of the novel are in some ways the least representa­ tive. Much of the first ten chapters,especially those parts of chapters 1-6 and 8-10 that deal with the story of W u Sung, s relations with P, an Chinlien and Hsi-men C h’ing,are taken,with relatively little alteration, from chapters 23—27 of the Shui-hu ch’üan-chuan.

If the customs of the country are faulty, it is due to the error of the high INTRODUCTION xxxi officials. 50 If a ruler is frivolous and coarse in his behavior, hesitant and suspicious in attending to affairs, selects men for office because they flatter and are glib, and in his treatment of the common people is rapacious and grasping, then he will soon find himself in peril. 51 One of the major themes explored in the Chin P’ing Mei, as in the Hsüntzu, is the consequences of failu re to assum e moral responsibility for one’s own actions.

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