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By Charles S. Prebish

An important learn software for vinaya experiences. Covers either basic and secondary resources in Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, and chinese language in addition to smooth assets in English, French, German and jap.

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And for this very reason he severely taxes Timceus, a malicious Historian, who will allow no kind of Vertue to Agathocles, the Tyrant of Sicily; but detracts from all his Actions, even the most Glorious, because in general he was a vicious Man. Is it to be thought, says Casaubon, that Polybius lov'd the Memory of Agathocles the Tyrant, or hated that of the Vertuous Aratus? But 'tis one thing to commend a Tyrant, and another thing to 10 overpass in silence, those laudable Actions which are perform'd by him: because it argues an Author of the same falshood, to pretermit what has actually been done, as to feign those actions which have never been.

Some indeed, of almost every Nation in Europe, have been instrumental in the recovery of several lost parts of our Polybius, and commented on them with good success; but no man before Casaubon, had review'd the first Translation, corrected its Errours, and put the last hand to its accomplishment. The World is therefore beholding to him for this great Work: for he has collected into one their scattered Fragments, has piec'd them together, according to the natural order in which they were written, made them intelligible to Scholars, so and render'd the French Translator's task more easie to his hands.

Oi-a. fights,] Oa; ~: Oi. 13 Hannibal] Oa; Hanibal Oi. 15 New] new Oi; New Oa. 33 Heroe,] Oa; ~: Oi. Character of Polybius 29 the beginning and end of all our Actions: For where that is violated, God is only present in permission; and suffers a wrong to be done, but not commands it. ) have recourse only to their own natural lights, and by them pursue the methods 10 at least of probability, if they cannot arrive to a settl'd certainty. , had provided against all those difficulties which he foresaw in his attempt, and compass'd his undertaking, which indeed was void of Miracles, but full of conduct, and Military experience.

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