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By Stephanie Laurens

Unique ebook: 2001

New York instances bestselling Australian writer Stephanie Laurens supplies the most recent story within the immensely well known Cynster sequence. while Chillington is elected an ′honorary Cynster′ on the finish of All approximately Love, he understands he wishes a spouse , and an inheritor. His aim; an easy marriage with out romance. He is of the same opinion to marry a girl he believes to be pliant and quiet. regrettably for him, the girl he thinks is Francesca Rawling is actually her cousin, Franni.Francesca herself is proud, passionate and opinionated in brief, the right bride for a Cynster...

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No one else had any reason to venture into this room during a party. Portia and Blythe were forever teasing Lindsey about her suspicious nature and maybe her sisters were right— The door handle rattled. Lindsey realized in alarm that she still clutched the purloined IOU in her hand. She had but an instant to conceal it. Since the slim-fitting ball gown lacked pockets, she stuffed the folded paper down into the bodice of her dress. Just in time. The door swung open. A man and a woman appeared silhouetted against the dimness of the passageway.

His uncle waved a gnarled hand. “All the more reason to chastise you. Now, fetch me a whiskey. ” Clenching his jaw, Thane went to the side table and poured two glasses from the decanter. There was a grudging tone to his uncle’s voice, but that was only to be expected. Hugo was a pinchpenny who didn’t part easily with his favorite Scotch malt. Thane delivered the drink, then took up a stance by the fire, resting his forearm on the oak mantelpiece. He had no wish to turn this into a social visit, yet the politeness drilled into him by a long-ago governess induced him to say, “You’re looking well, Uncle.

Lindsey felt exposed as everyone stared at her. ” Miss Underhill said. “I must advise you to avoid him in the future. Since selling his commission, he has fallen in with the rogues and bounders of society. ” The news startled Lindsey. In spite of her resolve to appear uninterested in him, she was overwhelmed by morbid curiosity. “A young lady? ” The governess thoughtfully tapped her chin with a bony finger. “I believe there’s a tenuous connection between her family and yours. ” Lindsey persisted.

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