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By Philippe Derreumaux (ed.)

Alzheimer's affliction is the most typical type of senile dementia, affecting greater than 24 million humans around the world. it truly is characterized pathologically via abnormally excessive degrees of neurofibrillary tangles caused by the buildup of tau protein in lifeless and death neurons, and through increased numbers of senile plaques within the cortex and hippocampus of the mind. the foremost portion of senile plaques is a small protein of 39-43 amino acids referred to as amyloid- (A ). to this point, no therapy has been proven to gradual the development of sporadic and familial Alzheimer's illness.

a wide physique of facts issues, notwithstanding, to the early A -formed oligomers because the fundamental poisonous species in Alzheimer's affliction. a robust procedure for constructing pharmaceutical remedies opposed to Alzheimer's is to explain the pathways of oligomer formation and be certain the constructions of the poisonous aggregates.

This ebook presents a breathtaking view throughout contemporary in vitro and in vivo reports besides cutting-edge machine simulations, designed to extend the readers' figuring out of A oligomerisation and fibril formation. whilst, the ebook delves into the pathogenesis of familial and sporadic Alzheimer's ailment on the atomic point of aspect.

Written by means of major authors of their respective fields, this e-book could be invaluable to all scientists engaged on Alzheimer's disorder.

Readership: common public, PhD scholars, postdocs, in addition to all scientists operating within the following fields: Alzheimer's ailment, amyloids, neuroscience, oligomers, protofibrils, fibrils, toxicity, constructions, dynamics, kinetics, thermodynamics, all-atom and coarse grained simulations, biophysics, reminiscence, studying, transgenic mouse versions, steel ions, membrane, nanoparticles, computational chemistry, drug layout and bioinformatics.

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