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The main entire reference advisor at the syntheses of amphetamines, phenyethylamines, ephedrine, cathinone, their fast precursors and precursors. This comprises the syntheses of mescaline and all renowned psychedelic amphetamines together with MDMA, MDEA, 2CB, TMA, DOB, DOM and so forth. thousands of reactions are defined together with a assessment of the managed Substance Analogue Act. a few of the reactions comprise: discounts of phenyl-2-propanone utilizing aluminum amalgam, aluminum turnings or aluminum foil. The coaching of aluminum amalgam, mercury bichloride. Electrolytic discount rates. Phenyl-2-nitropropenes From pseudonitrosites. Phenyl-2-propanone (P-2-P) from phenylacetic acid; from phenyl-2-nitropropenes; from monochloroacetone; from phenyl-1,2-propanediol. (Friedel-Crafts Reaction); ketones from phenols. The education of amphetamines (Leuckart-Wallach Reaction); (Ritter Reaction); (Willgerodt Reaction); (Hofmann Reaction). Amphetamines From phenyl-2-bromopropane. training of cathinone. The practise of substituted benzaldehydes; (Duff Reaction); (Elbs Persulfate Reaction); Phenols From Benzaldehydes; (Dakin Reaction). Benzaldehydes from Propenylbenzenes. best friend and propenylbenzenes from average assets. Propenylbenzenes From phenyl-1-propanols. Phenylpropenes by way of thermal dehydration. Propenylbenzenes from benzenes; (Quelet Reaction). instruction of phenyl-1-propanols utilizing the Grignard Reagent; by means of the relief of propiophenone. guidance of cinnamic acids. Cinnamic acids from coumarins. obviously happening coumarins. The Crossed Aldol Condensation. The Haloform response. Hydrocinnamic acid from propiophenone. coaching of nitroethane. education of 4-bromoamphetamine and 4-chloroamphetamine. coaching of neurotransmitters & neurotoxins and lots more and plenty more... 380 + references from medical and clinical journals. listed for speedy id of chemical substances, reactions and items.

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Larry Smith: "We need to be proactive rather than reactive. That is why I support legislation to change the definition of the crime being committed. " (pg. 7) 16 AMPHETAMINE SYNTHESES Neuroleptics (major tranquilizers) are used to induce psychosis and catatonia in patients following a malpractice. It is also used against women by medical staff so that they can rape female 'mental' patients with no resistance. Does this torturous action qualify as an illegal 'effect' under Larry Smith's new designed law?

No one can know in advance the specific effects of a substance that has not yet been created, and the term "substantially similar" as used in the proposed law is both vague and unscientific. " (pgs. 81 & 82) Dr. Ellinwood: " ... we (Research Council of the American Psychiatric Association) are aware of the difficulty in steering legislation in order to avoid after-the-fact legal action directed only piecemeal at a series on new compounds and at the same time avert an over inclusive, presumptive scheduling based on no facts other than the intent to distribute to humans.

Many of the discoveries of new medicines and therapies have been made by scientists who try one thing and fail, and then try something else. The controlled development of analogs -- in effect, designer drugs -- is essential to the advance of pharmacology. Many of the antipsychotic and antidepressant drug discoveries of recent years are minor variations on a common molecular theme with similar effects. However, it is precisely the differences that are medically significant -- different potencies, different side effects, and most important, different therapeutic uses.

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