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By James G. Speight

There's just one substance recognized to mankind that may reason wars, impact international economies, and make nations wealthy: petroleum. yet how a lot does the typical individual, even the typical engineer, learn about it? This publication describes the petroleum in easy-to-understand language for either the layperson and engineer alike. From the economics of attempting to find oil and gasoline, getting it out of the floor, into pipelines, into refineries, and, ultimately, into your fuel tank, this e-book covers the petroleum like no different remedy ahead of.

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A less common reservoir is a fractured shale or even igneous or metamorphic rock. It is only rarely that shale acts as a reservoir rock, and again fractures and other relatively wide openings are believed to confer the required reservoir properties on an otherwise unsuitable rock. 1 Reservoir Structure Petroleum accumulations are usually found in structural highs (an anticline), where reservoir rocks of suitable porosity and ORIGIN AND OCCURRENCE OF OIL 37 permeability are covered by a dense, relatively impermeable cap rock, such as an evaporite or shale.

Salt domes, formed by flow of salt at substantial depths, also have created numerous traps that are both a structural trap and a stratigraphie trap. 2 Accumulation in Reservoirs To all intents and purposes and to the casual observer, a rock is solid. Yet a rock can possess the fluid holding capacity by virtue of the uneven contact between the mineral grains and the ensuing space (porosity) within the rock. Reservoir rock (usually, but not always, sandstone) must possess fluid-holding capacity (porosity) and also fluid-transmitting capacity (permeability).

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