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By Elaine Viets

On Josie's most up-to-date task, her former teacher-now operating in a undies shop-is wanting a few critical aid whilst a consumer is located murdered. regrettably, the teacher's alibi is flimsier than the camisoles she sells, so Josie might want to bust out her sleuthing talents to reveal the genuine killer...

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Do you want a stick figure like a child draws? ” Alyce whispered. Josie nodded yes. She didn’t know how thin the walls were. Alyce got her silent message. “This dressing room is the size of my entire bedroom,” Josie said. ” “The slate blue suede-cloth walls make it seem cozy,” Alyce said. “The mirrors aren’t too awful. ” “You’re too rough on yourself,” Josie said, though her own self-appraisal was equally brutal. She felt as old and saggy as her bra looked. Rosa came bustling back with an armload of bras.

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