I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering and I minored in Computer Science, but in this day and age academic credentials pale in comparison to real-world experience. I worked on a pose estimation computer vision system in high school, I designed a precision landing vision system for an autonomous aerial package delivery vehicle, I optimized a finite element analysis computational code in C, I developed primitive fraud detection schemes for image manipulation, and I’ve written a handful of iOS apps that are moderately useful.

I worked on a finite elements project in the Fall of 2012, my first semester as a sophomore. I worked with Professor Robert West in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech to develop C code that used an optimized library called CBLAS to solve Finite Element Analysis problems for tire modeling very efficiently. I learned a lot about C programming, finites elements, matrices, and profiling tools, which I used to improve the executing speed of my routine.
The summer of 2013 I worked for Noblis, a non-profit contracting company in Falls Church, VA. My contract was through the Department of State in Visa and Passport biometrics research, but unfortunately that's about all I'm allowed to say!